About Us

Our Company

Established in 2016, we started manufacturing galvanized steel flexible conduits inspired from an American technology due to the increasing demand in the Philippines.

As a result, we were able to offer cost-effective and competitive steel products compared to other brands of electrical conduits in the market.

Aside from achieving low-cost pricing, we commit to our customers the product quality guarantee from our factory straight to their doorsteps.

To this day, we continue to deliver to our customers, the highest quality standards from our variety of steel conduit products, ensuring their safety and protection.

Our Mission

Dedicate ourselves to the highest standard of moral values at work, which brings together effectivity, efficiency and excellence in attending to our customer’s needs.

Our Vision

To become the better choice in the market as the makers high-quality yet cost-effective electrical steel conduits.

Our Core Values

– We treat our customers with the highest priority. We aim to create and maintain the best relationship with all our customers.

– We are passionate in our work. We strive for continuous learning and improvement.

– We believe in doing good business with our customers through the honesty and integrity of our team.

– We engage in teamwork.

– We are passionate and determined.

– We work efficiently. Do more with less.

– We live for a purpose. Let us all help one another.